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church in Amsterdam, built in 1620-1631 after a design by Hendrick de Keyser. The church is in Amsterdam's Jordaan district, at the bank of the Prinsengracht canal. The spire is the highest church tower in Amsterdam, at 85 meters (279 feet). The crown topping the spire is the Emperor's Crown of Maximilian I. The church bells were made by the brothers Hemony (...) Read more

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The Netherlands s most renowned church has been the source of inspiration for many musicians. The famous tower was completed in 1638, its bells manufactured by the renowned François Hemony foundry in 1658. Though the Protestant community owned Westerkerk, the tower was the property of the local authorities and served as a lookout. This marks the site of Rembrandt's burial, as well as the marriage of Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus. Read more

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The Renaissance-style Westerkerk holds the remains of Rembrandt, his mistress Hendrickje Stoffels, and probably his son Titus, all in unmarked graves. It's also where, in 1966, Princess (now Queen) Beatrix and Prince Claus said their marriage vows. The church was begun in 1620 and opened in 1631, with Hendrick de Keyser as the initial designer, whose son Pieter took over after Hendrick's death in 1621. In the church's light and spacious Read more

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Address: Prinsengracht 279-281, Amsterdam 1016, Amsterdam, 1016, The Netherlands

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