Zoologischer Garten Berlin


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Located next to Zoo Station in the heart of the western city centre, Zoologischer Garten Berlin is home to Skippy the kangaroo, Pretty Woman the gorilla and Kiri the elephant, to name just a few. Other attractions are the nocturnal animals and a pair of Chinese panda bears, although Yan-Yan's lack of sexual interest in her partner Bao-Bao has been talk of the town for years! Founded in 1844 by Prussian Read more

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s in Germany and with the largest number of species of the world. It is located in Berlin Tiergarten near the S-Bahn and railway station in the city center. Along with its aquarium, the zoological garden is one of the highlights of Berlin. Opened on August 1, 1844 the Zoologischer Garten Berlin was the first zoo in Germany. The aquarium got opened 1913 (...) Read more

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Address: Hardenbergplatz 8, 10787 Berlin, 10787, Berlin, Germany

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