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. This is the centre (''Km 0'') of the radial network of Spanish roads. The square also contains the famous clock whose bells mark the traditional eating of the Twelve Grapes and the beginning of a new year. The New Year's celebration has been broadcast live on TV since 31 December 1962. (...) Read more

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Puerta del Sol (Sun Gate) is the most popular and commercial area in the old town. Five hundred years ago it was just another city gate with an image of the sun drawn on it, hence its name. Nowadays, the square is famous for being the center of the national road network. The plaque on the pavement outside the old Post Office building denotes 'kilometer 0'. The distance between Madrid and Read more

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Considered by many to be the "hub" of the city, this large urban plaza contains many statues and monuments. Read more

Address: C. Mayor / C. Alcala, 28013 Madrid, 28013, Madrid, Spain

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