Help us help you!

Plnnr is trying to change the world of travel planning, and to make it more fun to travel.

Changing the world is a lot of work.

As a result, we have no choice but to demand that you pay us the ultimate payment – the payment of love.

“What have you guys been inhaling lately…” you ask? Read on…

We’ve been working tirelessly on several fronts to enhance and improve what we offer on

Additional destination cities are in the works, and excellent feedback from you, our visitors, is being integrated to improve the site.

But we need your help, and we would be happy if you could lend a hand.

Many of our visitors wrote to us (hopefully with tears of joy and awe in their eyes): “Guys, is great! How can I get involved and help?”

Well, we’re happy that you asked. We need your help, and here are some great ways you can help with less than a minute of your time:

  1. Tell your friends – Plnnr’s algorithm quality depends on having many people use it and helping us improve it. We made it easier to share Plnnr by email, Twitter (),
    Facebook (), Reddit ( submit to reddit), StumbleUpon () and any platform you can think of. If you like what we do, do tell others. We will love you anyway.
  2. Tell us what you think – Make good use of Plnnr, and when you’re done, tell us what you think. We take our community feedback very seriously, so click the “feedback” button if you have something interesting to share. Don’t hold on on the negative stuff – negativity helps us be more positive…
  3. Share a trip – If you designed an interesting trip, or want to help others, make your trip public and share it online using the sharing mechanisms. Your fellow travelers will appreciate your input.
  4. Write about us – Do you write a blog? Are you a journalist, or perhaps your BFF is? Do us a favor and put in a good word about us, in writing. It helps others notice us, and reading how people view us is very helpful.
  5. Volunteer as an editor – Adding destination cities is not hard, but requires some inputs from experienced travelers with knowledge about the specific place. If you would like to contribute, we would be most obliged. Please sign-up here and we will let you know once we are ready to add editors.

You can also buy us a massage chair to let us deal with the fatigue of all nighters, but that’s an issue for a separate post.

Thanks for staying with us and supporting us, and have a great new 2011!

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