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Itinerary That Works!

Plnnr automatically takes into account working days, opening hours, attraction distances and travel time to ensure a smooth travel experience.


Your taste - your trip. Tell Plnnr about your preferences and likings and it will tailor a trip matching your every whim.

Save Money

Instantly compare hotel prices from within Plnnr and save on hotel bookings. Plnnr will automatically adjust your itinerary accordingly.

Save Time

Plnnr will save you time on trip planning. In a matter of seconds get a full itinerary with routes, attractions, places to eat and your hotel as a center point.

See And Do More

As Plnnr will wisely organize your trip routes, it will help you reach as many attractions as possible, according to your travelling style and timeline.


your personal trip plan

Simply click the get started button and follow the wizard


the suggested itinerary

Attractions, places to eat, hotel, schedule and even directions


just about everything

  • Hotel
  • Attractions
  • Restaurants

For each change, your trip will be optimized to fit your every whim!


hotel prices and book

Find your hotel, and we'll link you to the supplier of your choice


your plan and bon voyage

After all, travel advice this great shouldn't be left at home!