We take the hassle out of trip planning

Whether this is your first time going to visit a place, or whether you are a veteran nomad, everyone agrees that planning the perfect trip takes time, knowledge and some talent.
First, there are the guidebooks, recommendations from friends, travel sites, blogs, newspaper articles and that place you just saw on TV. Then, there is the the coordination of all the information, making sure to arrive on time, when the attractions are open, and in an order that doesn't leave you feeling like you run Rome or Paris in a marathon.

This is where Plnnr comes to the rescue.

Plnnr creates free automatic plans for travel within major cities

In simple words, Plnnr does the work for you. We collect up-to-date information from the best sources online, and make sure the information is accurate. We then use sophisticated scoring algorithms to find the best places for you to tour.
Plnnr makes sure you will have enough time to visit every place you wish to see, but also asks you what you prefer to see and visit. If there is a place you do not want to travel to, just say so. If there is an attraction you believe is a must, although our algorithms beg to differ - we hear you, and we will use your choices.
The resulting plans are detailed and simple to use. Each day has its own list of attractions and places to visit, with detailed information on each. The plan also has directions from one attraction to another. Itineraries can be printed or shared with friends, family and fellow travelers.

Using Plnnr is as simple as one, two, three (four, five)

If you think planning an trip is hard work, using Plnnr is exactly the opposite!
We designed Plnnr to make it easy and fun to use - by using a simple wizard with just 5 simple questions, Plnnr's itinerary engine collects all the information it needs to create a recommended trip plan for you. The process takes mere seconds, but the result is complete and ready to use. When the plan is ready, you can choose to change and customize it, and Plnnr will take your requests and immediately create a new travel plan that matches your needs.

We are travelers, just like you

The founders of Plnnr (on which you can read here) created the website out of a need they encountered during a vacation abroad. We know how intimidating it is to grasp so much information about foreign places, and are well aware of how bad vacations can go with making small mistakes.
This is why we take great care to make sure Plnnr is up to date, easy to use and accurate. As life is full of surprises, if you have found a mistake on Plnnr.com, or have a suggestion or feedback, please contact us.
You might also be interested to read Plnnr's FAQ where answers to common (and uncommon) questions can be found.

We built Plnnr to make sure everyone can experience the perfect trip. Go ahead and click the "Get Started" button - you will not be disappointed.