What is Plnnr?

Plnnr is a website that helps you plan your trips. It takes out the hassle and the hard work, and leaves you only with good parts. The easiest way to understand, is to just give it a shot, with our short wizard.

Does plnnr cost money?

Plnnr is completely free, no strings attached.

How do I use plnnr?

Using Plnnr is simple and easy. You just pick the place you would like to visit, and follow the simple steps our wizard guides you through.

If you would like to see what planning looks like, a good example is a trip plan to Paris we describe in our blog post about Planning the perfect trip in Paris.

When will you add my preferred destination?

We constantly add new cities and attractions to our database. The best way to stay updated is to follow our Twitter account and read our blog.

Will you share my private information or sell my trip plans to others?

Never ever. Your privacy is above all. You can read more in our Privacy Policy.

What cities does Plnnr support?

We are always adding more, so instead of writing down an answer that will be outdated by tomorrow, check out the list in our wizard.

Why do you support such a small number of destinations?

Most of our content work is done automatically, but no algorithm is 100% perfect. Our content editors go over the data collected, filter out bad data and fix mistakes. That takes a bit of time.

Can I help you add more content?

We are working on a system to allow that. Please sign up to be notified on when it's ready, and then to be able to contribute.

How do you keep your information up-to-date?

We periodically update our database, and incorporate new data as it becomes available.

I have found an error or want to add some information, who do I write?

Let us know via email at our feedback address, or via our feedback form.

What's the technology behind plnnr?

The backend is written in Python, using the Turbogears framework. The database is sqlobject over mysql. The frontend is (almost inevitably) javascript and html. The actual trip planning algorithm was developed by plnnr.

Have more questions? let us know! or use feedback@plnnr.com